EYDES K∆LDER, ODENSE D. 25/8-'01                                  



1.     I Still Havenít Found What Iím Looking For (U2)

2.     When I Least Expect It

3.     Break These Ties

4.     Loner By Nature

5.     Fire (Bruce Springsteen)

6.     Who Do You Think You Are

7.     Learn To Laugh




8.     Sick and Tired

9.     Glittering Trash

10.   Light My Fire (The Doors)

11.   I Saw Her Standing There (Lennon-McCartney)

12.   Confused Little Man

13.   Stuck In A Moment You Canít Get Out Of (U2)

14.   Glory Days (Bruce Springsteen)




15.   Right Outside These Walls

16.   Gloria (Van Morrison)

17.   Címon Everybody (Capeheart/Cochran)

18.   Stand By Me (Leiber - Stoller - Ben E. King) - med Clausí ven Mikkel

19.   Take Action (Don Falch)/You Canít Always Get What You Want (Jagger/Richards)

20.   Closing Time